Messages in Spring 2010 for Parents and Serving Ones

The Present Direction of the Work with the Young People in the Lord’s Recovery

Fellowship on May 31, 2010 during the Memorial Day conference in Jacksonville A respeaking of the vision and burden, using the same outline as March 28 in Anaheim.

  • Message Tom Goetz and Ricky Acosta (89 min.)

Fellowship on March 28, 2010 after ITERO in Anaheim A very concise presentation of the vision and burden.

Here is a little quote from the opening word of the first meeting in Irvine on March 6, followed by a quote from the life-study of Matthew which underscores the point.

Not Merely Doing a Defensive Work of Preservation,
but a Positive, Offensive Work of Propagation

We need to change our view from preservation to propagation.  We have seen that too many of our young people were lost, so we became more burdened.  Yet we still lost half.  We have to repent.  50% loss is not acceptable.  There is a need for a fundamental change.

In 2 Tim. 4:5 Paul charges Timothy to “do the work of an evangelist“.  Timothy was not an evangelist and did not have the gift of an evangelist, but the age required him to do that kind of work to perfect the believers into the gospel.  The way to help the young people is to help them in the area of the gospel.  In Luke 19:20 the last slave said “Master, behold your mina, which I kept laid away in a handkerchief.”  The work of preservation is to keep your mina.  The Lord says this is “wicked.”  It is too passive, too idle.  We have to admit this is not the right way to work.  It is not inspiring for us or for the young people.  It is only discouraging.  We must change our footing from survival to go on the offensive.  We have everything.  We have the essential trinity, the economical trinity, and the high peak truth.  If we labor as one man we will have an impact on the teenagers, not just in the Lord’s Recovery, but all of them.

With the one-talented slave in this parable, there is no multiplication. For instance, in a certain area there may be one church. Ten years later, there is still just one church in that area. Some may think that the one-talented slave did well in not losing his talent and in returning to the Lord what was His. The one-talented slave seemed to say, “Lord, here is what is Yours. You gave me one talent, and I have been faithful to keep, guard, protect, and preserve it. By Your mercy and grace, I have kept it.” But the issue of our service must be the multiplication of our talents. It is not the Lord’s will for us simply to maintain what He has given us. If you are faithful merely to keep the gospel, the truth, and the church without any multiplication, the Lord will say that you are slothful. Furthermore, He will call you an evil slave. In the eyes of the Lord, it is evil to bury the talent and not to multiply it. The Lord does not care for our argument or excuses. He cares only that the one talent is multiplied into two. This is a serious matter. Our service must issue in the feeding and satisfaction of others and in the multiplication of the talent.

Life-Study of Matthew, msg. 64

Special Training for Young People Serving Ones, Mar. 6, 2010 in Irvine has more fellowship along the same line.

  • Outlines
  • Message 1 The Present Direction of the Work with the Young People (69 min)
  • Message 2 Being a Person of Prayer and Creating an Atmosphere of Preaching the Gospel (68 min)
  • Message 3 Concerning the Gospel in the Schools (80 min)

Special Training for Young People Serving Ones, Mar. 13, 2010 in Dunn Loring, VA respeaks the burden from Irvine.

Special Training for Young People Serving Ones, Mar. 20, 2010 in Toronto, Canada respeaks the burden from Irvine.

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