A Normal Life of Fruit-Bearing

JH Gospel Perfecting Conference “Seeds of the Gospel”, Sept. 12-14, 2009 in Irvine, Ca.  A very special conference and a new beginning, representing a fresh view concerning our young people as Seeds of the Gospel.  This perfecting conference is a continuation of the Sixth Grade conference, to lead them into a normal life of fruit-bearing from the very beginning of their Christian life.

  • Msg 1 The Believer’s Influence on the World (57 min.)
  • Msg 2 Cultivating a Personal and Affectionate Relationship with the Lord by Calling on the Name of the Lord and Pray-reading His Word (62 min.)
  • Msg 3 Contacting the Lord through Confession and Prayer (47 min.)
  • Msg 4 Confession with the Mouth (79 min.)
  • Msg 5 Witnessing (72 min.)
  • Msg 6 The Daily Living of a “Gospel Seed” (64 min.)
  • Msg 7 The Testimony and Living of a “Gospel Seed” (66 min.)
  • Msg 8 The Church-life of a “Gospel Seed” (60 min.)
  • Outlines

JH Conferences — A Normal Life of Fruit-Bearing, Oct. 2009 in Big Bear, Ca. (Separate conferences were given on different weekends for brothers and for sisters, so for each title, there are two recordings.)

  • Msg 1. Bro Sis God’s Eternal Purpose and the Fall of Man (48 min, 53 min)
  • Msg 2. Bro Sis The Believers’ Influence on the World as Salt and Light (52 min, 55 min)
  • Msg 3. Bro Sis Fruit-bearing by Abiding in the Vine (71 min, 69 min)
  • Msg 4. Bro Sis A Daily Living of Contacting the Lord Personally and Corporately (77 min, 63 min.)
  • Outlines

Msg 3 Tom Goetz (? min.)

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