Our Vision Concerning the Young People

The Burden for Fruit-Bearing

From a letter announcing a one-day perfecting training in Irvine for those who have some feeling to care for the junior high and high school young people:

“Recently, we have seen that the Lord is seeking to bring the entire church, including our young people, into a gospel living. We have seen the need and capacity of the young people to function as “gospel seeds” at their schools and as witnesses for the Lord (Acts 1:8). As we continue in this burden, we also realize that it is imperative that we not press them into some mere outward activities apart from the genuine organic enjoyment of the Lord. We could never forget our Brother Lee’s A Word of Love that our love for the young people be with the loving and forgiving heart of our Father and the shepherding and seeking spirit of His Son so that even the weakest ones among us will not be “rejected” or be left behind.”   [Read the full letter]

Messages for Families and Serving Ones

Our vision is based on revelation, and that revelation is based on ministry we have received.  We encourage you to dive into the messages below, seeking that the Father would grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

Messages Given in Spring 2013

Messages Given in Fall 2010

Messages Given in Spring 2010

Messages Given in Fall 2009

Messages Given in Spring 2009

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