Personal Care through Contact and Visitation

On the first Thursday of each month, we will all meet at Joe and Jessica Black’s home to pray and review our progress in personal care, considering the situation of each young person and how to best meet their needs.

For your encouragement and supply, some sharing from the June team reunion in Austin, focused on caring for high school students: part 1, part 2.

Our time at Fort Yargo in June was a good beginning toward building up relationships among the young people and also between them and those of us caring for them. We are grateful to the Lord that many saints were brought into this function and we ask the Lord that all of us would continue steadfastly in our care for the young people.

We hope this summer each of us will take initiative to contact and especially to visit some young people as the Lord leads. As we led them to care for 2 or 3, we should consider 2 or 3 for whom the Lord has given us some feeling and ask Him how we can express our interest by going to see them, or otherwise contacting them.

In doing so, we can become aware of and begin to know their family situation, friends, and interests. We should not bear this burden alone, but rather share our burden with other saints who also may have a feeling for the same young person.

Our prayer and practice will afford the Lord a way to care for all the young people and possibly make an advancement in our care and shepherding of these young saints. 

In How to Lead the Young People, Witness Lee says this about contact and visitation:

“Helping the young brothers and sisters depends not on your ability to give them messages but on your regular, frequent contacts with them.” 

“We who do the young people’s work should be like glue so that it does not matter if a young person is soft or hard or if he is three-dimensional, flat, or a surface with bumps and dents; we still need to stick to him. We have to go along with the young people and accommodate ourselves to them.”

“The emphasis of a genuine work with the young people is individual contact.”

“All those who care for the work among the young people must pay attention to doing a personal work. The power and effect of doing a personal work with the young people are many times greater than the meetings. Big meetings do not have much effect on young people; individual contact is most effective.”

“Of course, in the matter of personal contact, skills are needed. But if you practice this matter seriously, gradually you will gain experience and insight.”

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