Spring 2019 Conference Dates

Serving ones for overnight K12 events must pass a background check.
(This does not involve immigration.)

More info on background checks is here.

Request a background check for yourself as a potential serving one

Click on a link under Conference or Location for more information or to register.

Dates Reg Due Conference Location
Mar 1-3 Feb. 16 SE College Conference Athens
Mar 29-31 SE Blending Conference Atlanta
Mar 15-17 Mar. 3 JH and High School Conf Lakemont, GA
May 3-6 Apr. 21 Sixth Grade conference Athens
May 24-27 Int’l Memorial Day Conf Seattle, WA
Jun 14-16 Summer School of Truth Ft. Yargo
Jul 14-20 May 15 National College Training Champaign, IL
Jul 28-Aug 3 June 2 European YoungPeople’s Conf Poland

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